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Wars World is the Central Planet of the Alliance of Planets consisting of most of the main worlds within the Solar System and is the center of both Civil, Intercontinental and interplanetary conflict for nearly the past 50 to 60 years. It is due to these decades of conflict and war that the planets population has adapted by taking a militaristic lifestyle throughout most of the planets central nations.

Nations Edit

Wars World consists of 5 Central Nations each Nation has control of at least 10 to 20 smaller nations throughout. Conflict 1st appeared in 1942 as the Black Hole Nation a originally smaller totalitarian Dictatorship began illegally annexing smaller nations in a power grab in order to equalize their footing with other nations mainly the Orange Star and Blue Moon Nations. Thus global conflict began. The following is a Complete listing of all Wars World nations (both central and smaller)

Central Nations Edit

Smaller Nations Edit

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History Edit

As was previously stated global war began in 1942 originally against the superpower nations of Blue Moon and Orange Star over a seemingly petty matter over both territorial rights and resource ownership. Within a year the conflict had become global over who would take sides mainly due to resource and strategic interests. However only a few years later on it was discovered that the instigator of the conflict was the High Commander of the Black Hole Nation Sturm who intentionally created an international war in order to militarily weaken the other 4 Central Nations in order to take advantage of the situation and attempt in seize control and gain global domination.