prolouge to warEdit

unlike what most people think the lighting was not just a war between Old Xylvania and the soler empire but also between anglo islands empire it started when the princepality of xsylvania declared war the anglo empire this took them suprise and they were unprepared for it as they took some damage during western frontier conflect the frontier was led by Joe west . lord farrock spend years prior to conflect to develop super advance technology more advance than most other nation and also which some farrock races stole secreatly from the solar empire accept for the solar empire which had manage to perserve ancent documents civlazations from long pasts and other things have lost them due to bad luck as result most of important knowledge energy things and other stuff was lost the solar empire got these documents due to visiting them and copying them and ship them back to there homeland. where they eventuaily expanded there technlogical base due to the documents. and on top of that they did this under isolation policy during the dark ages developing advance technology like plasma weapons heavy plasma beam weapons and computers.

start of warEdit

it all started at masscure sharol lord farrock attack the city sharol which was ordered by self proclaim kaiser ferrock formiley price ferrock it took days to to reach to everyone when president joe trention heard about what happen when visiting anglo homeland while he was doing reconcilation he immidiately start opening the door to citizens who nations have been conquered by the legion anglo with no room to take them in shiped them off to the frontier.The frontier had large population of 300 million it would grow by end of it starting and emergration policy. the anglo isles due to inferior technology was losing for the first two years they were loseing.


second lightning warEdit